It's time to rethink genotyping.

It's time for Genotyping Services for Research.

Genotyping Services for Research is an easy, fast and cost-effective way to incorporate genetic information into your study. Whether you regularly perform genetic studies, or have never done so before, the simplicity and flexibility of our end-to-end service will help you:



End-to-end genotyping: go seamlessly from sample collection to analysis.



Genotypic data delivered to you within 8 weeks of saliva samples being received at our lab.



All participants get the chance to learn about themselves with the
23andMe experience.



Recruit from a wider area: kits can be shipped in bulk to you or directly to participants.

Add digitized phenotypic data—our free module for
Apple's ResearchKit
framework makes it easy.

The 23andMe difference.

Here's how what we offer goes beyond ordinary genotyping services.

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The researcher experience.

You get access to 23andMe's Researcher Dashboard, which is designed to give you complete control over your project and visibility into all stages of the process.

  • Manage your project
  • Track the progress of both your participants and their samples
  • Download data on demand as it becomes available

Your cost-effective solution.

Genotyping Services for Research is a complete platform for your genetic studies. Pricing is based on the size of the study. Please contact us for a quote.

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Genotyping cost effective

How Genotyping Services for Research works.


Step 1: Order 23andMe Kits

Once a project agreement is signed, you can request the number of 23andMe DNA kits you need for your study. We’ll deliver them in bulk to you, or we can ship them directly to your research participants.


Step 2: Participants spit and samples are sent back to our lab

During the enrollment process, research participants set up a 23andMe account and provide authorization for us to share their data with you. After receiving the 23andMe kit, the participants provide a saliva sample (either at your research facility or in the comfort of their home) through our non-invasive collection process. Samples are then shipped back to our lab.


Step 3: 23andMe processes samples

Your research participants’ samples are processed in CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited labs on a custom Illumina HumanOmniExpress-24 format chip that analyzes about 600,000 SNPs.

Step 4: Data accessed by you and your research participants

You manage your project and access your data through a secure online dashboard, the research participants access their personal genetic reports by logging onto their account. (All thanks to you.)


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Step 5: (Optional) Collect phenotypic data digitally for your study (using the Apple ResearchKit module)

The value of your genotypic data can be increased by adding phenotypic data. We make it easy to collect digitized phenotypes by smartphone (from survey responses to motion tracking and much more) by supplying a module for Apple’s ResearchKit framework. You integrate the module into an app that you provide (whether you build it or hire someone to build it for you), and you collect and access the phenotypic data through the app.

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Our science.

Each step in our workflow is carefully designed and monitored to ensure data quality.

  • We have genotyped more than 1 million people in CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratories
  • We use an Illumina HumanOmniExpress-24 format chip that analyzes about 600,000 SNPs. It is a fully custom array designed by 23andMe’s scientists to include variants:
    • In medically relevant genes
    • With known disease associations
    • Associated with traits
    • Used to assign genetic ancestry

genotyping lab chip

With about 600,000 SNPs, we probably have what you need. Use our SNP Search to find SNPs or genes of interest to your study.

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quote alkes

"Using 23andMe has been an incredible incentive for participation in our study. In addition, it has been much more cost-effective than doing it ourselves, because we don’t need the resources for storage, extraction, genotyping, chips and kits."

Ahmad Hariri, PhD
Department of Psychology and Neuroscience
Duke University

Questions? We have answers.

All of our tests are done with a simple, non-invasive saliva sample that the research participant can provide either at your research lab or in his or her own home. Only new 23andMe saliva collection kits are eligible for Genotyping Services for Research.

Your cohort is yours, as part of your research project. 23andMe will not isolate your cohort and study it independently. However, if the research participants consent to be part of 23andMe’s research program, their data will be added to our database of research-consented individuals.

You can withdraw a research participant from your study using the Researcher Dashboard. Research participants can also withdraw themselves from your study through their 23andMe account, by removing data-sharing authorization (prior to you accessing their data).

23andMe customers can opt into and opt out of our research program at any time. They just need to update their research consent in their account settings. If they opt out, we will stop using their information for research going forward (we cannot affect studies that have already been completed), and will discontinue use of their data within 30 days.

Research participants are provided access to their personalized genetic reports through the 23andMe online account they set up when they enroll. You don’t have to do anything to ensure research participants review their 23andMe reports, but it is a requirement of our service that each research participant is offered the 23andMe experience.

We cannot customize our genotyping array for individual studies. Also, research participants do not receive custom 23andMe reports based on individual studies; they receive the personalized genetic reports that are provided to 23andMe customers in the country of their residence.

It is a requirement of Genotyping Services for Research that IRB/Ethics Committee approval of any research study is obtained in accordance with all applicable legal, regulatory and institutional requirements.

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