Capture phenotypic data digitally and enhance the value of your genotyping study.

Put the free 23andMe module for Apple’s ResearchKit™ framework to work for you.

What is the correlation between a person's genome and their motor skills? Are there biomarkers associated with cognitive ability? How do genes influence long-term health?

To truly understand these types of questions, you need to look at both genotypic and phenotypic data.

We make it easy.

The 23andMe module can be quickly integrated into an app using Apple’s ResearchKit framework—simplifying your ability to add phenotypic data collection to your Genotyping Services for Research project.


How it works - pheno

How it works.

You have a genotyping project in the works with 23andMe. Let’s look at
how digitized phenotypic data collection gets added.


Step 1: Build an app for your study.

The smartphone app for the study could already exist, or you may need to create one on your own or identify a developer to build one for you (note: the app will need to include the Apple ResearchKit framework). 23andMe does not build apps for these projects.


Step 2: We supply our module for ResearchKit to you for integration into your app.

The free module we have developed for Apple’s ResearchKit framework is designed to be easily integrated. You can download the module and view the documentation on GitHub.


Step 3: Your research participants download your app from the Apple app store.

When participants open the app and go through the set up process, they will be asked to provide authorization for you to access their 23andMe data.


Step 4: Research participants provide phenotypic data by taking surveys and/or performing tasks in your app.

Besides entering data through the keypad, participants can use the various sensors built into their phone to complete a wide variety of motor and auditory tasks.


Step 5: Phenotypic data is provided to you.

You access the collected phenotypic data through your app, using tools within the ResearchKit framework.

Whats Possible

phenotyping possible

What’s possible?

Many kinds of phenotypic data can be collected. If the iPhone's sensors can monitor it or capture it, you can study it. This is just a (very) partial list:

  • Surveys
  • Food diaries
  • Gait and balance tests
  • Tapping speed
  • Spatial memory
  • Reaction time
  • Tone audiometry

See the full list from Apple.

Are you ready to digitize your phenotypic data collection?

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Questions? We have answers.

The 23andMe module is a free tool for ResearchKit developers, but it is only available to researchers performing a study using our services.

It is a requirement of 23andMe’s Genotyping Services for Research (under which the phenotypic data collection is arranged as well) that IRB approval of any research study is obtained in accordance with all applicable legal, regulatory and institutional requirements.

The module is available from 23andMe’s GitHub page.

The 23andMe module has been created to be integrated into apps that use the Apple ResearchKit framework. These apps can be built by you or by a third party developer that is familiar with building ResearchKit apps.

The 23andMe module allows you to request access to a 23andMe customer’s genetic data. After the customer provides this authorization, you can download his or her data via the 23andMe API.

Your genotypic and phenotypic data from your study will not be sent to or shared with Apple, with one exception. If Apple is listed as a co-investigator for the study AND your research participant allows you to share study data with co-investigators, phenotypic data collected via iPhone will be accessible by Apple.

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